Preventing the extinction of endangered species

Bringing Back Our Rare animals -BORA
‍(formerly Borneo Rhino Alliance)
Preventing wildlife extinctions has reached a point where active interventions are needed. Breeding and enlarging the gene pool has become more important than anything else...
After the Hairy rhinoceros, the next species on the critical list in Malaysia are Malayan seladang, Malayan tiger and Bornean banteng. Stopping poaching and trade is no longer enough. Law enforcement is not enough. Awareness is not enough. Our protected areas alone do not provide enough space to sustain viable populations.

Birth rates and genetic diversity of rare species need to be increased
Work underway by BORA aims to stabilize and increase the numbers of the rarest species, and to reverse the present trends of declining numbers and inbreeding.

The BORA approach focuses on long term, big scale, populations, cells and molecules.

Join BORA in our plans to change the wildlife paradigm from basic ‘conservation’ to targeted professional management

We are equipped and motivated.
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There were two main options. One was to exit from the scene. The other option was for BORA to stay open, and to apply experience gained from the Hairy rhino story.


For Borneo Rhino Alliance (BORA), the last native rhino deaths in Malaysia in 2019 presented a challenge on what to do next.

Examples of
our work

Episode 3 Tabin: Protect, Produce, Restore with Adam Shamil
in vitro embryo production and related technologies 2020
BORA assists the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia in using assisted reproductive technology for the Malayan seladang 2017

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sumatran rhino

Follow Malaysia’s foremost rhino scientists in their incredible quest to save this critically endangered species” filmed between 2013 to 2016

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