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Focal Area 4


Hunting might not be the sole cause of disappearance of a species from a given area. It might be that the current small clusters of animals are in sub-optimal habitat or on infertile soils, or the habitat is now too small to support a breeding population. Despite prevailing concerns over poaching, past hunting might have wiped out a species in places where it could now survive and breed. It is in general safer to have several separate populations of endangered species rather than just one or two. Challenges: local human concerns if the species is considered as dangerous or destructive; availability of source animals; risk of inbreeding if the founder group is too small; only some individuals of some species can adapt well to a new habitat; the details and logistics of the operation; post-translocation monitoring. Examples: wild cattle, Malayan tapir Possible treatment: try with an example species in a well-thought-out situation.


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